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What I Will Do For You

Logo Design

A logo is essential to grow your business online. Building a great brand starts with a professional logo. I will make it for you. Besides that, I design business card, letterhead and envelope.​

Web Design​

A website is essential to grow your business online. If you need a website, a web store or whatever you dream of, I will build it for you. I work with WordPress content management system (CMS).

Website Maintenance​

After I build your website, the project is not finished. The Website Maintenance is very important for the proper functioning of a website. Keep your website up to date with my website maintenance services. ​

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Who I Am

Melinda Jeszenka

A Wife And A Mom

I’m Melinda Jeszenka. I’m a wife and a mom of two beautiful kids.
I finished my education in Hungary and now I live and work in Los Angeles, CA.
I design logos, build responsive websites with WordPress and maintain websites  for customers.
I’m a detail-oriented, organized, and meticulous person. I work at fast pace to meet tight deadlines. I’m a enthusiastic team player ready to contribute to company success. I’m a dependable designer successful at managing multiple priorities with a positive attitude.

The Way We Will Work Together

Filling in the form

You will complete and return a form with questions about the prospective website.

Online meeting

We discuss your ideas and the details together via zoom.


I send you the contract, which must be signed and returned to me by email.

Website content

You send me the content for your website. Please not I can only start working if all the content is in my possession.

Website building

After I got the content, I can start building the website. I make prototype(s) based on our zoom meeting and the filled form.

Discuss changes

We will have another zoom meeting where you will tell me what you would change or add for your website.

Modifications and fixes

I will modify the content, make the changes and correct any errors.

Last smoothing

If necessary, I do a last smoothing after your request

Website Handover

After the last smoothing, I put the website in your hosting account.


When the Website is completed, my work is not over yet. The maintenance of the websites is essential for their proper and error-free operation.

How Much Does It Cost For You

If you want an affordable professional website, you are in the right place

Since each project is unique, I can only say the exact price if you describe in detail the website you have dreamed of. It could be between $300 and $2000.

However, I can promise that the websites I create are all one by one:

Personalized and Unique






And Besides These NOW You Get

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A Free One-Time Website Maintenance

Get Your Personalized Price

Schedule Your First Meeting

Book your appointment and We can talk about your project

My Clients Said

I Answer Your Questions

Web Design and Pricing

I usually finish a project within 1 month.  This timeline can be longer or shorter depending on how many corrections I need to do on the website design and how fast we can contact each other during the project .

Yes. The content must be provided within 7 days of accepting the price quote and signing the contract. I can then start to work on your project.

Within 7 days of singing the contract, you need to pay 40% of the project fee.

The price quote contains the website design plan with up to 3 correction. This includes building your website and uploading it to your domain name website. More than 3 corrections and special needs after the beginning the project may result in additional fees for the customer. No overage fees are charged without your consent.

I try to provide free content for your website, however, sometimes I can only provide paid images and videos. The costs of these types of content must be paid by the customer and is not included in the original price quote. No additional fees are charged without your consent.

In most cases it’s cheaper to build a new website than it is to revise an existing website. I will not finish another website.

CMS Web Design

Responsive web design is a technique used in web design that makes web pages render (display) well on a variety and size of devices.

Yes, I create your quality website design for 3 different devices (computer, tablets and phones) and I build your website accordingly.

A content management system is a software that can be used to update and manage your website through an easy-to-use interface.

Yes. I exclusively use WordPress for building websites.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system that is used for editing and managing the text and images on your website.

Website Maintenance

It’s possible the issue could be on your host’s servers. So I suggest you contact with them first. If it’s not a server issue please contact me by email immediately.

At a minimum, you’ll need web hosting and a domain name, each of which has separate fees. 

In addition, if you can’t do the maintenance yourself you will need a Maintenance Services. I provide these Maintenance Services. You can choose from my plans. You can see details on the “Pricing” page or I can answer any questions via email.

If your site contains paid plugins, there are usually annual costs for updating it, which should be taken into account.

I build the websites with the Elementor Pro Plugin which costs an annual fee to update ($49/year). You pays this fees for your own website.

After I build your website and upload to your domain name the project is not finished. You will need to manage and maintain your website. If you know the WordPress content management system, you can do this yourself. But if not, I can provide website Maintenance Services.

Its depends on how many times do you need it.

If you need to upload more content every month, I recommend my Monthly Plan with 1 year subscription.

If you need it just a few times a year I recommend my One-Time Plan.

My Monthly Plan is tied to a 1-year contract. The termination of this contract will incur an additional cost, the extent of which will depend on several factors. This subscription reduce 20% from the monthly prices.

Payments & Guarantees

You can pay with PayPal (which allows you to use your bank account, a one-time credit card, or you standard PayPal account) or with Zelle.

Yes! I fix the bugs and design problems free within 30 days after handing it over. After 30 days, you can choose from my maintenance services within the framework of which I perform all repair, maintenance work and any requests.

If You Still Have A Question

Fill free to send me a message